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Lebanese Army Naval Academy
Active 1972 - Present
Country Lebanon
Type Military Naval School
Part of Lebanese Navy
Garrison/HQ Jounieh Naval Base, Jounieh
Motto(s) "Lighthouse & Goal"
Colonel Toni Haddad (active 2009) [1]

The Lebanese Army Naval Academy (Arabic language: مدرسة القوات البحريةMadrasat al-Kouwat al-Bahriya) is part of the Lebanese Navy. The academy is located at Jounieh Naval Base, Jounieh, in the Keserwan District, and is responsible for the fundamental basic education of the officers and non-commissioned officers students in the fields of naval, military, scientific, and general culture studies.


The naval academy was founded in 1972 and its mission was to organize the several educational offices dedicated to the naval expertise. Since early 1990s, the academy's programs have developed and increased in size, thus leading to several training courses given such as the naval rescue course, a training course for naval officers, diving and ciphering courses, in addition to a naval navigation course, a languages course, a training course on the radar and other.[2]

Prior to 2003, all naval students used to take their courses abroad; however, since then the school started receiving students to follow the courses domestically. Nevertheless, some students are sent aboard for further education.

Organization & Structure

The academy is organized as follows:[1]

  1. Academy command
  2. Students officers teaching group
  3. Students non-commissioned officers teaching group
  4. Special courses and study offices teaching group
  5. Command and service company

Academy System

Volunteering students naval officers follow one year in the Military Academy where they learn the different military sciences, later they move back to the Naval Academy to follow a two years naval specialization. After that, the students graduate from the Military Academy.

The system for the non-commissioned officers is similar, as a NCO follows one year in the Teaching Institute, then moves back to the Naval Academy for two year of naval specialization. After the first year, students are divided onto different specializations:[2]

  • Naval maneuver technician [clarification required]
  • Naval mechanical technician
  • Naval electrical technician


The academy accepts 10 students per year only, as the school's capacity is 150, and as of 2007, 21 officers and 10 non-commissioned officers have only graduated.[1]


The admission follows the same admissions criteria of the Military Academy & the Teaching Institute, as student have to follow the first year in those academies according to their rank.

Training subjects

The training subjects include navigation, maneuver, aerial monitoring, oceanology and naval signaling, in addition to long navigational training (for a period of about 10 days) outside Lebanese waters. Students also learn the certified naval protocol due to their needed objectives locally and internationally, with the naval laws and security precautions taken in the sea.[2]

In addition, some of the major courses taken by the students include Math, Computer, Mechanics and engineering, while third year students train on naval ships for a period of one month.

When it comes to NCOs, more emphasis is put on the scientific and technical materials, that's in addition to the military sciences, health sciences, International law, International Humanitarian Law, general knowledge, along with French and English language.


The teachers in the academy are mainly Navy officers according to their specialization, in addition to ground forces officers for the subjects related to infantry, artillery, and armor; however, when it comes to the subjects related to general culture and sciences, doctors from the Lebanese University on loan from the Military Academy teach the subjects.[2] Moreover, teachers from the French Cultural Center are responsible for teaching the French courses.[1]

The academy also occasionally hosts special workshops by foreign teams, these workshops are usually attended by the navy officers and soldiers, in addition to personnel from the Navy SEALs Regiment if concerned.[3]

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