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Leadenham Aerodrome
RAF Leadenham
RAF type A roundel.svgEnsign of the Royal Air Force.svg
Leadenham, Lincolnshire
Type Aerodrome
Coordinates Latitude: 53.057
Longitude: 0.568
Built 1916 (1916)
In use 1916-1919 (1919)
Air Ministry
Controlled by RAF type A roundel.svg Royal Flying Corps
 Royal Air Force
Battles/wars First World War

Leadenham Aerodrome was a Royal Flying Corps First World War airfield at Leadenham, Lincolnshire, England.[1] It became RAF Leadenham in April 1918 until it closed in 1919.


In 1916 an 86 acre landing field was established to the east of Leadenham village for the use of detachments of 38 Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps. The squadron was equipped with Royal Aircraft Factory F.E.2 biplane fighters which were used to defend against Zeppelin attacks.[1] These detachments continued until May 1918 when the squadron moved to France. In August 1918 No. 90 Squadron RAF was based with a detachment of Avro 504K night fighters. By 1918 the airfield had two sheds to protect the Avros and hutted accommodation for 51 airmen.[2] The squadron was disbanded in Jun 1919 and the airfield was closed.[1][3]

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