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Coordinates: 34°6′32.77″N 103°53′38.14″E / 34.1091028°N 103.8939278°E / 34.1091028; 103.8939278 The Lazikou Pass (Chinese: ; pinyin: kou) is a narrow mountain pass in the Min Mountain Range, Têwo County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, southern Gansu, China. The pass forms a gateway between northwestern Sichuan and southern Gansu. It is of historical significance due to its strategic importance in the final phase of the Long March.

During the Long March, the Lazikou Pass was the last major obstacle for the forces led by Mao Zedong to reach northern Gansu after their crossing of the Zoigê Marsh. The pass had been fortified with blockhouses by Kuomintang forces and was taken by mountaineers led by Yang Chengwu on September 16, 1935.[1]


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