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Lazar 2
Lazar 2 BVT.jpg
Place of origin Serbia
Production history
Designer SDPR
Designed 2013
Manufacturer Complex Battle System factory in Velika Plana, Serbia
Weight up to 28,000 kg (62,000 lb)
Length 7.82 m (25.7 ft)
Width 2.85 m (9 ft 4 in)
Height 2.32 m (7 ft 7 in) (hull roof)
Crew 3 (+9 passengers)

Armor Level IV STANAG
30 mm autocannon
7.62mm gun
Engine Diesel
500 hp (370 kW)
Suspension 8×8 wheeled independent suspension
800 km (500 mi)
Speed 100 km/h (62 mph)

Lazar 2[1] is an 8×8 multi-role military vehicle produced by the Serbian defence industry company Yugoimport SDPR.[2]


The Multi-Role Armored Vehicle Lazar 2 8x8 is based on modifications of the concept and the technical solutions implemented on the functional model of Lazar vehicle. These modifications are carried on with the purpose to further harmonize the basic characterictic of the vehicle with contemporary international trends in the delevompent of families of multi-role armored wheel-type vehicles. The concept of the first Lazar vehicle represented a combination of the characteristics of MRAP and MRAV (Multirole Armoured Vehicle) type vehicles, while the Lazar 2 is closer to the MRAV concept first of all because of the introduction of independent suspension, which allows the platform to be customized to different roles. The concept provides for installation of different types of weapon turrets depending on the purpose of the vehicle.[3][4]

The vehicle is equipped with a rear ramp for easier entrance and exit, and has two doors embedded within that ramp for emergency situations. It also features a separate door for the driver and commander, located on the driver side. It features five bullet proof windows and firing ports on each side of the vehicle, as well as two on the rear of the vehicle. This allows the troops inside the vehicle to have a high situational awareness and to engage targets from inside the safety of the vehicle. The driver has five cameras, which provide him with a near 360° field of visibility. Two are located in front of the driver's hatch, two are covering the sides of the vehicle, and one is installed in the rear of the vehicle to aid with reverse driving. In the IFV configuration, it seats three crew members and nine troops.


The vehicle is powered by a 500 hp engine and features independent suspension for each of its 8x8 powered wheels, ensuring high mobility even in rough terrain.


The armored protection corresponds to Level IV in the NATO STANAG, which equals to all around protection from 14.5mm armor-piercing rounds. The mine protection has not yet been disclosed.

Special features

These features can be selected from by a potential buyer.

  • Air conditioning with compressor and overpressure system for CBRN protection
  • 15W VHF radio with UMR
  • Interlinked Command Information System with such features as encrypted communications, GPS maps, in-action battle plan modification etc.
  • Remote Controlled Weapons Station with armament ranging from 12,7mm to 30mm, including a full sensor loadout stabilized in two planes with LIDAR, IR, thermal and optical devices.


The first prototype was publicly presented on 2013's Partner – International Fair of Defense Systems and Equipment. It is produced by Yugoimport SDPR in the new "Complex Battle System" factory in Velika Plana, Serbia.[5]

At the unveiling, it was announced that the first 3 Lazar 2 have already been sold to Pakistan.[6]


  •  Pakistan - Ordered 3 Lazar 2[7]


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