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Landsverk L-62 Anti II
Landsverk anti-II (nachbearbeitet).jpg
Landsverk Anti-II at the AA-museum in Tuusula, Finland.
Type Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun
Place of origin  Sweden
Service history
In service 1942-1966
Used by  Finland
Wars Continuation War (part of WW2)
Production history
Designer Landsverk AB
Designed ~1933 (for the original L-62)
~1941 (for the Anti II)
Manufacturer AB Landsverk
Number built 6
Variants The Landsverk L-62 Anti II is a specific variant of the Landsverk Anti I.
Weight 10,740 kg (23,680 lb)
Length 5.32 m (17 ft 5 in) (chassis)
Width 2.30 m (7 ft 7 in)
Height 2.30 m (7 ft 7 in)
Crew 5: driver, gunner, commander, loader, loader

Armor 6–20 mm (0.24–0.79 in)
40 mm Bofors ItK L/62 aa gun
4 cartridge compartments
160 cartridges per compartment
Sidearms of the crew
Engine L8V / 36 T Scania 1664 cc
160 hp (120 kW)
Power/weight 14,8 hp/t
Fuel capacity 250 l (66 US gal) of light bentol
Speed 40 km/h (25 mph)

Landsverk L-62 Anti II in Finnish service under the designation ItPsv 41. Here seen in a later paint scheme with the later roundel which does not feature the hakaristi (hook cross), generally known as the Swastika.

Landsverk L-62, also known as Landsverk Anti II or a combination of both, Landsverk L-62 Anti II, was a Swedish self-propelled anti-aircraft gun construction that was specifically designed for Finland by Landsverk between 1941 and 1942.


The vehicle was an improved Landsverk L-62 Anti I were the turret and chassis had been improved for better protection. The chassis was based on the Landsverk L-60 tank but was lengthened with one extra roadwheel per side. The turret was circular and open for a better view against planes. The gun was a 40 mm Bofors L/60 anti-air gun which was already in service with the Finnish military as the 40 ItK/38.[1]

Operational history

In Finnish service the vehicle got the designation ItPsv 41, full name Ilmatorjuntapanssarivaunu 41, meaning Anti-aircraft Tank 41. Finland bought six tanks in 1942. During the battles in the summer of 1944, the Finnish tanks downed eleven Soviet aircraft and thus prevented attacks against the tank brigade.[citation needed] All vehicles survived the war and were used until 1966.[citation needed]

Landsverk Anti II backside at AA-museum in Tuusula, Finland


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[1] Stats of the Landsverk L-62 Anti II, aka ItPsv 41

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