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The LXX Army Corps (German language: LXX. Armeekorps), initially known as Higher Command z. b. V. LXX (German language: Höheres Kommando z. b. V. LXX) or Höh.Kdo.70, was an army corps of the German Wehrmacht during World War II. Throughout the war, it was deployed in occupied Norway.

Operational history

Hermann Tittel, corps commander of LXX Army Corps between 1943 and 1945.

The Höheres Kommando z. b. V. LXX was formed on 4 May 1941 in Schröttersburg and subsequently relocated to Oslo in occupied Norway. There, it was subordinate to Armee Norwegen, which was in turn under direct control of OKW.[1] The initial commander of the corps, called to this task on 16 April 1941, was Valentin Feurstein.[2] Initially, the division consisted of the 69th, 163rd and 214th Infantry Divisions.[3]

The corps command was renamed to Generalkommando LXX. Armeekorps on 25 January 1943.[1] On 22 June 1943, corps commander Valentin Feurstein was replaced by Hermann Tittel.[2]

In December 1944, the LXX Army Corps was moved to the 20th Mountain Army after the dissolution of Armee Norwegen.[1]

At the end of the war, the corps consisted of the 274th and 280th Infantry Divisions and the 613th Special Deployment Division.[4]

Organizational structure

Organizational chart of the LXX (70th) Wehrmacht Army Corps[1]
Year Date Commander[2] Subordinate Divisions[3][4] Army Army Group
1941 5 June Valentin Feurstein 69th Infantry, 163rd Infantry, 214th Infantry Armee Norwegen (v. Falkenhorst) Directly under OKW
1 July 69th Infantry, 214th Infantry
7 August 69th Infantry, 214th Infantry, 710th Infantry
3 September
2 October
4 November
4 December
1942 2 January
6 February
10 March
5 April
11 May 69th Infantry, 214th Infantry, 280th Infantry, 710th Infantry
8 June
4 July
5 August
2 September
8 October
5 November 214th Infantry, 280th Infantry, 710th Infantry
1 December 214th Infantry, 269th Infantry, 280th Infantry, 710th Infantry
1943 1 January
3 February
4 March
9 April
1 May
1 June
7 July Hermann Tittel
5 August 214th Infantry, 269th Infantry, 295th Infantry, 710th Infantry
5 September 269th Infantry, 274th Infantry, 710th Infantry
4 October
8 November 269th Infantry, 274th Infantry, 280th Infantry, 710th Infantry
3 December
1944 January
11 June
22 July
31 August
16 September
13 October 274th Infantry, 280th Infantry, 710th Infantry
5 November
26 November
31 December 274th Infantry, 280th Infantry 20th Mountain Army (Rendulic, Böhme)
1945 19 February
1 March 169th Infantry, 274th Infantry, 280th Infantry
12 April 274th Infantry, 280th Infantry, Division z. b. V. 613

Noteworthy individuals

  • Valentin Feurstein, corps commander between 16 April 1941 and 22 June 1943.[2]
  • Hermann Tittel, corps commander between 22 June 1943 and the end of the war.[2]


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