L-62 MK VIII Pom-Pom

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The L-62 MK VIII Pom-Pom was a British anti-aerial machinegun used in ships developed in the interwar period and used in the Second World War.


The Pom- Pom is however based on a high cadence of cannon shot that was put to work even during the First World War. The system development continued slowly and were developed two versions. One with eight cannons Mk.VIII and the other with only four guns . The rate of fire in automatic mode which surpassed the 100 rounds per minute, was considered very good in 30 years, however with the development of aviation over the years 30, when War II began the system was no longer seen as sufficient to needs . Was slow, rate of fire was not adequate and there was no tracer ammunition, which made it even harder to fire effectively. In the late '30s developed a version with four guns, capable of automatic fire, though this capability was never adapted to the towers equipped with eight cannons for being too large and heavy.

40mmPomPomMk8 01.jpg
Officially called Pom-Pom this type of system is one of the first anti-aircraft equipment with high rate of fire to be put into operation.

Ship That Used the L/62

  • HMS George V: Battleship


  • Manufacturer: Vickers Defense
  • Main function: Anti-Air defence
  • Caliber: 40mm
  • Rate of Fire: 115 shots per minute
  • Weight of Ammunition: 1.34 kg
  • Weight of Tower: 16000 kg
  • Number of Guns in the System: 8 guns
  • Maximum Range: 3.475 km
  • Crew: 3
  • Maximum Elevation: 80º

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