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MR-RIO-A special purpose computer developed by Korund-M at 2013 MAKS Airshow

KB Korund-M is a Russian R&D production enterprise, founded in 1994 as an autonomous non-commercial organization controlled by Russian Academy of Sciences and specializing on electronic modules assembly including military applications and severe working conditions. Also it's specializing on development and production of complex high-reliability electronic elements and computing machines.

KB is tightly connected with NPC Sapnas and KB Navis.


  • Baget-series electronic computers either on Intel architecture (80386EX/80486EX) or MIPS (R3000, R4000 analogues), MIPS64, KOMDIV-32, KOMDIV-64. This modules were developed for working under Real-time operating system VxWorks, and it's Russian analogue OS2000;
  • math accelerators developed on the basis of Motorola DSP96002;
  • multiprocessor systems.

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