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This is the Korean War order of battle. Subsidiary commands are listed on sub-pages. Where no date is shown for a command, assume it present at the start of the war, on June 25, 1950.

Pro-Southern Forces, United Nations and Republic of Korea[]

Republic of Korea Armed Forces (prior to June 25, 1950)[]

United Nations Ground Forces[]

United Nations Naval Forces[]

United Nations Air Forces[]


Pro-Northern Forces: People's Republic of Korea and China[]

North Korean Forces[]


  • NKPA Infantry Divisions 1 through 7 were Regular Force Infantry Division used in the attack on South Korea, while the 10th, 13th and 15th were Reserve units used for security.

Chinese People's Volunteers[]

Chinese People's Volunteers November 23, 1950

Soviet Union[]


  • Foreign Medical Continents
    • Bulgarian Red Cross [1]
    • Czechoslovak Field Hospital (from 1952)[2]



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