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Komando Daerah Militer VI/Mulawarman
Lambang Kodam Mulawarman.png
Coat of Arms of Kodam VI/Mulawarman
Country Indonesia
Branch Indonesian Army
Type Territorial Command
Part of Indonesian National Armed Forces Tentara Nasional Indonesia (Indonesian)
Garrison/HQ Balikpapan
Maj.Gen Subiyanto

Kodam VI/Mulawarman (6th Military Regional Command/Mulawarman) is a military territorial command (military district) of the Indonesian Army. It has been in active service as the local division for the provinces of North Kalimantan, East Kalimantan and South Kalimantan (from 1958-1985 and from 2010 to present).

Brief history

The 6th MRC, then as the 10th Military Region Command (Komando Daerah Militer X) holding the Lambung Mangkurat honorific was activated in 1958 with the headquarters in Banjarmasin and serving South and Central Kalimantan, while the 9th MRC (Komando Daerah Militer IX), holding the Mulawarman honorific, was based in Samarinda and with East Kalimantan as its AOR. Both formations were raised in response to the threat faced by the Permesta revolt the same year. This format lasted until the 1984 reorganization of military regions by the Commander of the National Armed Forces, when the 6th MRC was granted the Tanjungpura honorific when it merged with the 10th and 9th MRCs with a new garrison in Balikpapan. In 2010, the INAF spilt its military region command for Indonesian parts of Borneo into two,[1][2] thus the 6th MRC, now with a smaller AOR including North, East and South Kalimantan and with its garrison still in Balikpapan, was granted the Mulawaman honorific title.

Military Territorial units

The region is composed of 2 Military Area Commands and 1 Training Regiment .

1. Korem 091/Aji Surya Natakesuma with HQ in Samarinda, responsible for North and East Kalimantan

  • Kodim 0901/Samarinda
  • Kodim 0902/Tanjung Redeb
  • Kodim 0903/Tanjung Selor
  • Kodim 0904/Tanah Grogot
  • Kodim 0905/Balikpapan
  • Kodim 0906/Tenggarong
  • Kodim 0907/Tarakan
  • Kodim 0908/Bontang
  • Kodim 0909/Sangatta
  • Kodim 0910/Malinau
  • Kodim 0911/Nunukan
  • Kodim 0912/Sendawar
  • Kodim 0913/Penajam

2. Korem 101/Antasari, with HQ in Banjarmasin, serving South Kalimantan

  • Kodim 1001/Amuntai
  • Kodim 1002/Barabai
  • Kodim 1003/Kandangan
  • Kodim 1004/Kotabaru
  • Kodim 1005/Marabahan
  • Kodim 1006/Martapura
  • Kodim 1007/Banjarmasin
  • Kodim 1008/Tanjung
  • Kodim 1009/Pelaihari
  • Kodim 1010/Rantau
  • Kodim 1022/Batulicin
  • Kodim 1023/Banjarbaru

Training Units

Training units in Kodam VI/Mularwaman are organized under the 6th Regional Training Regiment (Rindam VI/Mulawarman). The units are as follows:

  • Regiment HQ
  • NCO School
  • Basic Combat Training Center
  • National Defense Training Command
  • Specialist Training School
  • Enlisted Personnel Training Unit

Combat and Combat support units

  • 24th Raider Infantry Brigade/Bulungan Cakti, with HQ in Tanjung Selor
    • Brigade HQ
    • 613th Raider Infantry Battalion/Raja Alam
    • 614th Raider Infantry Battalion
    • 615th Raider Infantry Battalion
  • 600th Raider Infantry Battalion/Modang, with HQ in Balikpapan
  • 611th Mechanized Infantry Battalion
  • 621st Raider Infantry Battalion
  • 623rd Raider Infantry Battalion
  • 622nd Infantry Battalion (New raising)
  • 13th Armored Cavalry Squadron
  • 13th Armored Cavalry Troop
  • 18th Field Artillery Battalion
  • 2nd Air Defense Missile Artillery Battalion
  • 1st Construction Engineers Battalion (Jungle)
  • 2nd Construction Engineers Battalion (Jungle)
  • 17th Combat Engineers Battalion


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