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Koča's frontier rebellion (Kočina Krajina revolt) was an uprising of Serbs against the Ottoman Empire from February 1788 - September 7, 1788. Koča Andjelković (1755 - 1789)[1] was the leader of the uprising which was aided by the Habsburg Empire. It enabled the Habsburgs to conquer central parts of present-day Serbia from the Ottomans, attaching the territory of the Pashaluk of Belgrade to other Serb-populated areas of their Empire. The crownland of (third) Habsburg Serbia existed for 3 years.[2]

Koča's frontier (area of anti-Ottoman rebellion) in 1788.

By 1791 however the Austrians were forced into withdrawal across the Danube and Sava rivers, joined by thousands of Serbian families who feared Ottoman revenge for supporting the Habsburgs.[3] The uprising also involved the hero of the Serbian revolution Karađorđe Petrović, who served in the Austrian army at the time.[4] Retaliation of the Ottomans in the outset of the uprising influenced the Serb determination to emancipate from the Ottomans 15 years later, during the Serbian revolution.

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