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An Acehnese collection of Kris (hung vertically) and Klewang (hung diagonally). Dutch colonial period.

The klewang is a traditional single-edged sword from Indonesia. In size, weight and shape it is halfway between the golok and the kampilan. The style of the klewang differs between the various cultures of Indonesia; there are straight bladed types, but most are curved.

During the Aceh War the Acehnese klewangs proved very effective in close quarters combat with Dutch troops and the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army adopted a heavy cutlass, also called klewang, to counter it. Mobile troops armed with carbines and klewangs succeeded in suppressing Aceh resistance where traditional infantry with rifle and bayonet had failed. From that time on until the 1950s the Royal Dutch East Indies Army, Royal Dutch Army, Royal Dutch Navy and Dutch police used these cutlasses called Klewang.

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