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Kinoshita Iesada (木下 家定?, 1543 – October 4, 1608) was a samurai of the Sengoku through early Edo periods. His family name means "under the tree." His brother-in-law was the general who would become known as Toyotomi Hideyoshi.[1] At the time of the Battle of Sekigahara, Iesada was lord of Himeji han and held 25,000 koku of income.[2] However, due to his distinction in guarding his sister O-ne (Hideyoshi's wife), Tokugawa Ieyasu rewarded him, and he was enfeifed at Ashimori han in Bitchu Province following the battle.[3]

Iesada's children included Katsutoshi,[4] Toshifusa, Nobutoshi, Toshisada, and Hidenori. Toshifusa, his second son, succeeded him.


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