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Khukri-class corvette
Class overview
Name: Khukri class
Builders: Mazagon Dock Limited
Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers
Operators:  Indian Navy
Succeeded by: Kora class corvette
In commission: 1989-
Planned: 4
Completed: 4
Active: 4
General characteristics
Type: Corvette
Displacement: Full load: 1,350 tonnes
Length: 91.1 metres
Beam: 10.5 metres
Draught: 4.5 metres
Speed: 25 knots
Range: 4,000 miles @ 16 knots
Complement: 79 including 10 officers
Sensors and
processing systems:
MR-123 Fire control radar
1 MR 352 Pozitiv-E air radar
1 Garpun-Bal air/surface radar
1 BEL 1245 navigation radar
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
1 BEL Ajanta P Mk.II used in the ESM role
2 PK-10 chaff launchers
1 NPOL designed towed torpedo decoy
Armament: 2 x AK-630 CIWS
1 x AK-176 76mm gun
4 x P-20M missiles
2 x SA-N-5 SAM launchers
Aircraft carried: 1 HAL Dhruv

The Khukri class corvettes were intended to replace the ageing Petya II Class corvettes of the Indian Navy.[citation needed]

The first two were ordered in December 1984 and the remaining in 1985. The diesel engines are assembled in India, under license by Kirloskar Group. Around 65% of the ship contains indigenous content.

Ships of the class

 Name   Builder   Homeport   Commissioned   Status 
INS Khukri (P49) Mazagon Dock Limited Mumbai 23 August 1989 Active
INS Kuthar (P46) Mazagon Dock Limited Mumbai 7 June 1990 Active
INS Kirpan (P44) GRSE Vishakapatnam 12 January 1991 Active
INS Khanjar (P47) GRSE Vishakapatnam 22 October 1991 Active


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