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A parked, Soviet-era museum piece that was once capable of delivering KhAB-250s

The KhAB-250 is the provisional naming of an aerial bomb developed by the Soviet Air Force to deliver the chemical weapon sarin.[1]

The KhAB-250 operational weight has been reported as 333 lb (151 kg)[2] and 514 lb (233 kg).[1] 24 could be carried by the Tupolev Tu-22.[2]

The bomb uses a burst charge to detonate on impact with the ground. It contains a payload of 108 lb (49 kg) of sarin.[1]

The KhAB-250 was displayed at Shikani Test and Proving Grounds in 1986 as a component of the then-current Soviet chemical arsenal. Contemporary analysts noted that it appeared relatively unsophisticated compared to Soviet conventional munitions of the same time frame.[1]

The bomb was removed from service as a result of the Chemical Weapons Convention in the early 1990s.

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