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(NATO reporting name: AS-X-19 Koala)
P750 meteorit maquette.jpg
Kh-80 at MAKS 2009
Type Air-to-surface missile
Place of origin Russia
Production history
Manufacturer NPO Mashinostroyeniya , MKB Raduga , KBKhA КБХА Химавтоматика , NPO Hartron НПО Хартрон
Weight 6380 Kg (6,4 Ton)
Length 12,8 m 3M25A (12,5 m 3M25)
Diameter 0,9 m

Warhead various HE FAE TBX , TNW (200 kt to < 6 Mt)
Warhead weight ± ~ 1000 Kg (1 Ton)

Engine liquid RD-0242 , KR-23 KR-93 solid booster or ramjet ПВРД НПВО Пламя ОКБ-670 М.Бондарюк
Wingspan 5,1 m
Propellant solid booster , liquid
around 3000 Km (can poxible reach ± 5000 Km or more)
Speed 3 <4 6 Mach (3500 Km/h)
inertial, TERCOM , GLONASS , Radar , IR IIR , TV camera , Opto-Electronic , CCD
Air launched , GLCM , coastal , ship , submarine К-420 проекта 667А «Навага» , Проект получил обозначение 667М «Андромеда» .

The P-750 Meteorit (NATO: AS-X-19 Koala Meteorit-A Х-80 / SS-NX-24 SCORPION P-750 Meteorit-M 3М25 П-750 Гром / SSC-X-5 GLCM Meteorit-N 3М25Н (DoD)) was a Soviet cruise missile which was supposed to replace subsonic intermediate range missiles in Soviet inventory. The missile was an ambitious project since the target was to ultimately develop it into hypersonic missile.

According to (link below ) the development of three variants of this cruise missile was authorized on 9 December 1976. The Meteorit-M strategic version would be deployed from 667M submarines with 12 launchers per boat. The air-launched Meteorit-A would be launched from Tu-95 bombers. The land-based version was designated Meteorit-N. The missile was also sometimes referred to by the code-name Grom. The first test launch, on 20 May 1980, was unsuccessful, as were the next three attempts. The first successful flight did not come until 16 December 1981. The first launch from a 667M Andromeda submarine took place on 26 December 1983 from the Barents Sea.

The missile was designed by Chelomei at NPO Mashinostroeniye and designated the SSC-X-5 GLCM by the US Department of Defense. The turbojet-powered missile would cruise at Mach 2.5 to 3.0 at 20 km (max 24) altitude over its 3000 km range. It was equipped with a 1 Mt thermonuclear warhead and used inertial navigation with mid-course update via data link.

Manufacturer: Chelomei. Maximum range: 3,000 km (1,900 mi).[1] Up to 5000 km[2]


  • Meteorit-A Kh-80 Grom 3M25A AS-X-19 Koala Basing airborne
  • Meteorit-M P-750 3M25 and 3M25 П-750 Grom SS-NX-24 Scorpion Basing in submarines
  • Meteorit-N SSC-X-5 3M25N Basing ground


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