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Rear Admiral Kemp Tolley (born 1908 Manila—died 28 October 2000) was an officer in the U.S. Navy and is the author of three books and numerous articles on the history of U.S. Navy activities in the Pacific, China, and the Soviet Union. Kemp was a 1929 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, where he was a member of Phi Alpha Theta.[1][2] Prior to World War II, Tolley served in the Yangtze Patrol.

In 1908, Kemp was born in the Philippines, where his father, Lieutenant Colonel Oscar Kemp Tolley, U.S. Army, was stationed .[3]

After his retirement, Admiral Tolley lived in historic Corbett Village, Monkton, Maryland.


  • Yangtze Patrol
  • Cruise of the Lanikai: Incitement to War
  • Caviar and Commissars: The Experiences of a U.S. Naval Officer in Stalin's Russia


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