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Kbkm wz. 2003
Kbkm2003-01 REMOV.jpg
5,56 mm kbkm wz. 2003D
Type Light machine gun
Place of origin  Poland
Production history
Variants kbkm wz. 2003S (standard), kbkm wz. 2003D (para model)
Weight 7,53 kg (wz. 2003S)
7,29 kg (wz. 2003D)
Length 1099/829 mm (wz. 2003S)
979/709 mm (wz. 2003D)
Barrel length 500 mm (wz. 2003S)
380 mm (wz. 2003D)

Caliber 5.56x45mm NATO
Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Rate of fire 650-1000 rounds/min
Feed system 200-round LGM-1 (M27) disintegrating-link belt, 20/30-round magazines from kbs wz. 96

The kbkm wz. 2003 or "karabinek maszynowy wzór 2003(machine carbine pattern 2003) is a light machine gun of Polish origin, designed in the early 2000s to replace the 7.62x54Rmm PKM series of support weapons. The construction if fully compatible with all NATO standards. There were developed 2 versions this gun: kbkm. 2003S - standard version and kbkm. 2003D - version for airborne or assault units with shorter barrel. Overall it was put into tests and not purchased by Polish Army.

The Kbkm wz. 2003 with stock stowed.

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