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Kazakh Ground Forces
Қазақстан Республикасы Қарулы Күштерінің Құрлық
Сухопутных войск Республики Казахстан
Құрлық әскерлері.png
Shoulder Patch of the Kazakh Ground Forces
Active 9 April 1993 - present
Country  Kazakhstan
Branch Coat of arms military-of-kazakhstan.svg Armed Forces of Kazakhstan
Type Ground Force
Size 20,000
Part of Flag of Minister of National Defense of Kazakhstan.svg Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan
Headquarters Astana
Nickname(s) Kazakh Army
Anniversaries 7 May
Engagements Tajikistani Civil War
Iraq War
Supreme Commander-in-chief Nursultan Nazarbayev
Ceremonial chief Murat Maikeyev
Commander of the Ground Forces Murat Bektanov

The Kazakh Ground Forces is the army service branch of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The First Army Corps was created on November 1, 1992 from units of the Soviet Union's 40th Army, based in the Turkestan Military District. It is headquartered in Semipalatinsk.

The Kazakh Army was founded on April 9, 1993 by order of the Defense Minister Sagadat Nurmagambetov following the adoption of the law, "On Defense and Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan," - the legal basis for Kazakh military structures.[1]

The Kazakh Army was made up of the Soviet 32nd Army, which had been serving in the KSSR (Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic) for many years before it went under Kazakh government control in May 1992.[2] The ground forces included Artillery and Missile Brigades until they formed separate branches on May 7, 2003.


The main tasks of the Ground Forces include:

  • Maintaining the readiness of troops to repel aggression.
  • Armed defense of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Protection and defense of state and military facilities.
  • Defense of the state border by land and air.
  • Perform peacekeeping missions.


Regional Commands

Regional Commands of Kazakhstan

Currently the Ground Forces include four regional commands:[3]

  • Regional Command "Astana" (HQ Karaganda)
  • Regional Command "East" (HQ Semipalatinsk)
  • Regional Command "West" (HQ Atyrau)
  • Regional Command "South" (HQ Taraz)

Military Institute

Cadets of the military institute on Red Square during a victory day parade in Moscow in 2015.

The Military Institute of the Kazakh Ground Forces (Kazakh language: Qurlyq a’skerlerinin’ a’skeri’ i’nsti’ty’ty / Құрлық әскерлерінің әскери институты) is the main educational institute of the Ground Forces, and one of the leading Kazakh military academies affiliated with the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan. It has many notable alumni, including Lieutenant General Murat Maikeyev, Colonel General Saken Zhasuzakov, and Major General Abibilla Kudayberdiev.


An Otokar Cobra

Name Origin Type In service Notes
Armored fighting vehicle
T-72  Russia Main battle tank 650[4]
GAZ Tigr  Russia Infantry fighting vehicle 21[5]
BMPT  USSR Infantry fighting vehicle 10[5]
BTR-80  USSR Amphibious APC 110[5] of which 44 are the 82A variant
BTR-3  Ukraine APC 2[6]
BPM-97  Russia APC 18[5]
Otokar Cobra  Turkey APC 17+[5] Manufactured locally with license[7]
Marauder  South Africa APC 90[5] Was ordered by the Kazakh military in 2013 as a result of an agreement between Kazakhstan Engineering and Paramount Group[8]
Humvee  USA Armored car 40[5]

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