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The Katzmann Report (or Final Report by Katzmann) is one of the most important testimonies relating to the Holocaust in Poland and extermination of Polish Jews. It is a report of SS-Gruppenführer Fritz Katzmann, Commander of the German SS and Police in the District of Galicia, entitled "Lösung der Judenfrage im Distrikt Galizien" (The Solution of the Jewish Question in the District of Galicia) submitted on June 30, 1943 to the SS and police chief Friedrich Krüger. It describes part of the Operation Reinhard.

The Report was published in German and Polish. A Polish translation of the report had already been published in the 1950s, but was subject to communist censorship, and did not have an accompanying scholarly analysis that came with the more recent edition by the Institute of National Remembrance. Full not censored text of "Katzman report" was published in 2009.


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