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Kashiram Thapa
काजी काशीराम थापा
Umrao of Nuwakot
Personal details
Died 1746 A.D.
Gaurighat, Kathmandu[1]
Military service
Allegiance Kantipur
Rank General, Commander-in-Chief
Battles/wars Battle of Nuwakot against Gorkha Kingdom

Kashiram Thapa (Nepali: काशीराम थापा) was the army commander of Jaya Prakash Malla.[2] He was the leader of Bagale Thapas of Palanchok (modern day Sindhupalchowk District and Kabhrepalanchowk District). King Jagajjaya Malla had appointed him as Umrao of Nuwakot.[3] He had wide control over Palanchok preventing Prithvi Narayan Shah to evade Bhadgaon.[4] He was considered to be a courageous and ambitious person who was good in dealings and organizing.[5] When Gorkhali king Prithvi Narayan Shah plundered Nuwakot, he was sent to defend the area. He lost the battle on 1746 AD and was thought of deceiving the Kantipur Kingdom.[6] [7] Previously, he had won the Naldum area from Gorkhali and gained the confidence of King Jaya Prakash.[8] So, the King was confident on Kashiram as Prithvi Narayan Shah had on Kalu Pande.[5] However Kashiram lost and got the King angry for which he was assassinated.[9][10] His brother Parashuram Thapa sided to Gorkha Kingdom when his brother was killed without justification.[10]



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