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Packed Kashef 2 radar moving in a parade.
Country of origin Iran
Type Early warning
Frequency S-Band
Pulse Repetition Frequency 866, 1250, 1666 Hz
RPM 3,6,12 RPM
Range 150 km (93 mi)
Altitude 14 km (8.7 mi)
Power 800 kW

Kashef is a series of Iranian early warning radars developed by SAIRAN. Currently there are two versions in service, Kashef 1 and Kashef 2.[1]

Kashef 1 is a 2D radar operates in S-Band and has a range of 150 km. It uses two separate receivers that gives it good ECCM capability and the ability to detect low RCS targets. It can track up to 100 targets simultaneously One of its main advantages is its high mobility because it can be mounted on trailers and set up and break down in 30 minutes. Kashef 1 is offered for export as TM-ASR-1 (Air Surveillance Radar 1)[2]

Kashef 2 is externally very different from Kashef 1. It uses a different net-like antenna that can be split in 3 parts to reduce the time needed for setup and breakdown. The range is 200 km and the maximum number of targets it can track simultaneously is increased to 1000. It uses 30 kW of power. The receiver and transmitter of the radar are using solid state electronics to increase the radar's ECM resistance.[3]

kashef 2 radar system at Tehran exhibition 2012

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