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Portrait of Karl von Mansfeld, copper engraving by Abraham Hogenberg

Karl von Mansfeld (1543 – 24 August 1595) was a German general during the Cologne War and the Ottoman-Habsburg wars.

Von Mansfeld was the son of Count Peter Ernst I von Mansfeld-Vorderort, born in present day Luxembourg, and was educated in France. He entered the military of Philip II of Spain, and was appointed a general and an admiral in the navy of the Spanish Netherlands. He was sent to Hungary, where along with Count Mátyás Cseszneky he participated in the siege of Esztergom in 1595 during the Long War. He died shortly thereafter, probably of his wounds, in Komárom.[1]


He married twice, first to Diane de Cossé and, second, to Marie Christine von Egmond, who died 1622.

She had, from her second marriage, a son, Alexandre de Bournonville Duc de Bournonville, Comte de Henin-Lietard (14 September 1585, Brussels, died 21 March 1656), and, probably with Mansfeld, a second son, Antoine III de Lalaing (born between 1588 and 1590 and died 26 September 1613), Count of Hoogstraeten, who married Maria Margaretha de Berlaymont, daughter of Claude Berlaymont, also known as Haultpenne.


From his father's first marriage on 1.4.1542 to Margaretha van Brederode (*ca 1520, died 31 May 1554);

  • Friedrich, *1542, died 1559
  • Polyxene, +after 17 September 1591; m. Palamedes von Nassau-Chalon (+1600)

Step Siblings:

From his father's second marriage 22.2.1562 Marie de Montmorency (+5.2.1570)

Natural Sibling [by Anna von Benzerath]

Karl Mansfeld's Ancestors in three generations[2]
Karl von Mansfeld zu Friedenberg Father:
Peter Ernst I von Mansfeld zu Friedeburg, born Schloss Heldrungen 12 August 1517, died Luxemburg-Clausen 23 May 1604
Paternal Grandfather:
Ernst II von Mansfeld zu Vorderort, *6 December 1479, +Heldrungen 9 May 1531
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Albrecht V, Count von Mansfeld zu Vorderort 1435-3 December 1484
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Susanna von Bickenbach, 1450 died 19 April 1530 married 1470
Paternal Grandmother:
Dorothea zu Solm-Lich (*25 January 1493 +Mansfeld 8.6.1578) married 1512
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Philipp Gf zu Solms-Lich, (born 15.8.1468, died Frankfurt 3.10.1544, bur Lich)[3]
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Adriana von Hanau-Münzenberg (born, Hanau 1.5.1470, m.Hanau 15.2.1489 died 12.4.1524, buried in Lich)[4]
Margaretha van Brederode (*ca 1520, married 1 April 1542 died 31 May 1554)[5]
Maternal Grandfather:
Regnault van Brederode, d. 1556
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Walgrave van Brederode
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Margaret von Borsel
Maternal Grandmother:
Phillippa von Mark zu Sedan, d. 1537
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Renault van Brederode
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Iolante de Lalaing


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