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Kapitänleutnant Karl Galster (born 29 March 1886 Berlin, died 25 March 1916) was a German naval officer killed in World War I.

Galster was the Son of Admiral Karl Galster (snr) and joined the German Navy as a cadet in 1904 He was promoted to Kapitänleutnant n 1914 and commanded a torpedo boat

He was commander of Torpedo Boat S22 and died when she was sunk in action with the Royal Navy. His ship responded to a raid on Sylt by a Royal Navy force comprising the seaplanes launched from the seaplane carrier HMS Vindex and destroyers. The S22 was ordered to intercept the British squadron and struck a mine at 54°46′N 5°4′E / 54.767°N 5.067°E / 54.767; 5.067Coordinates: 54°46′N 5°4′E / 54.767°N 5.067°E / 54.767; 5.067. The S22 split in half and 17 crew members were rescued. Galster went down with his ship.

The World War II German destroyer Z20 was named Karl Galster in his honour.


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