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Karl-Heinz Bürger (16 February 1904 in Güstrow – 2 December 1988 in Karlovy Vary) was a German SS-Oberführer, SS and Police Leader and colonel.[1]

Nazi background

Bürger became a member of the Nuremberg Sturmabteilung in June 1923, taking part in the Beer Hall Putsch in November of the same year. In 1924 and 1925 he worked in the aviation industry and studied at the University of Potsdam, qualifying to become a teacher.[1]

In 1927, Bürger became a member of the Nazi Party and in 1933 moved from the SA to the SS.

At the end of August 1942, Bürger was the police leader for the northern Caucasus region, later becoming the Polizeiführer for Volhynia and central Italy. On 13 May 1945, he was arrested in Bolzano as a prisoner of war.[1]

After the war

Following his release after World War II, Bürger taught at a school in Ibbenbüren. He died in December 1988 in Czechoslovakia.[1]



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