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Kalagong massacre
Part of World War II
Location Kalagong, Burma
Coordinates 16°32′57″N 97°43′46″E / 16.54917°N 97.72944°E / 16.54917; 97.72944Coordinates: 16°32′57″N 97°43′46″E / 16.54917°N 97.72944°E / 16.54917; 97.72944
Target Kalagong villagers
Attack type
Deaths approximately 600 people
Perpetrators Imperial Japanese Army

On 7 July 1945, the Kalagong Massacre was committed against inhabitants of Kalagong, Burma, by members of the 3rd Battalion, 215th Regiment and the OC Moulmein Kempeitai of the Imperial Japanese Army. These units had been ordered by Major General Seiei Yamamoto, chief of staff of the 33rd Army, to sweep the area for guerrillas reportedly teamed with British paratroops.

The Japanese occupied the village and rounded up all the inhabitants for questioning. Women and children were raped and beaten but no information was forthcoming. The Kempeitai therefore ordered the entire village massacred. The inhabitants were taken in groups of five to ten persons to nearby wells, blindfolded, and bayoneted, and their bodies were dumped in the wells. An estimated 600 villagers died in the massacre.

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