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Kaiserslautern military community is a community of Americans living in and around Kaiserslautern, Germany supporting United States armed forces and NATO installations, such as the Ramstein Air Base, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Kapaun Air Station, Vogelweh Housing Area, Pulaski Barracks, Kleber Kaserne, Daenner Kaserne, Panzer Kaserne, Sembach Kaserne, Miesau Army Depot, and Rhine Ordnance Barracks. With around 53,000 people, including military service members, Department of Defense civilians and contractors as well as their families, the KMC is the largest U.S. military community outside of the United States.


A combined Base Exchange (BX) and Post Exchange (PX) located on Ramstein AB makes it the largest AAFES shopping-facility in Europe - the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center (KMCC). This has become the biggest attraction for service members and their families.[citation needed] Several well-stocked libraries, several American restaurants (including a Chili's and Romano's Macaroni Grill), and other facilities provide services exclusively for holders of DOD ID cards.

569th United States Forces Police Squadron

The 569th United States Forces Police Squadron, based in Vogelweh Military Complex, Germany, is an Air Force Security Forces squadron. The mission of the 569th USFPS is to provide airtight security for its Protection Level resources while delivering the highest degree of Air Provost duties and Force Protection integrity to the Kaiserslautern Military Community. They are supplemented in this mission by German Military Police (Feldjäger), and by the 230th Military Police Company.

The 569th is the last "Security Police" squadron in the Air Force. All members are recognized by their Security Police brassard. The 569 USFPS executes the Air Force’s largest law enforcement mission, covering 1.1K square miles and providing police services to over 53,000 DoD personnel and their dependents, all while deploying and redeploying members to 15 different locations worldwide.


Kaiserslautern military community includes DoDDS schools: Kaiserslautern Elementary, Middle, and High School, Vogelweh Elementary, Ramstein Elementary, Intermediate, Middle, and High School, Landstuhl Elementary Middle School, and Sembach Elementary, and Middle School.

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