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KJ-200, or 'Y-8 Balance Beam' system, is an AEW&C program developed by Shaanxi Aircraft Corporation. The key component of this aircraft is a brand new airborne radar system, visually similar to the Ericsson Erieye AESA system, as well as ventral radar domes. The platform of this aircraft is based on the latest Y-8 transport aircraft variation, Y-8F-600. It was reported Pratt & Whitney Canada PW150B turboprops and Honeywell avionics were added to the design. In Chinese National Day military parade 1 October 2009, the Air Force KJ-200 took the role as a lead plane.[1]

The project experienced major setback in 2006, when a KJ-200 crashed into a mountain in Guangde County while undergoing tests.

The general designer of KJ-200 is Mr. Ouyang Shaoxiu (欧阳绍修),[2] the same general designer of Y-8. According to Mr. Ouyang, KJ-200 has been significantly modified (around 80%) from the original Y-8.[3] including adoption of glass cockpit.[4]



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