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The K-34 trailer was used by the U.S. Army Signal Corps to house electronic equipment, during and after World War II.

File:K-34 trailer 1.jpg

K-34 trailer, 1943, right side view


The fifth wheel type trailer van, was of the single-axle type, but had a Dolly (trailer) so that it could be moved by other smaller vehicles. The trailer's net weight was 8,600 lb, tires were 7.50-20 8-ply, width was 95 1/8", length was 230 7/8", and height was 121 5/8".


K34 survivor at Heartland Museum

The K-34 trailer was originally intended to house the PE-84 generator for the SCR-268 radar but was soon used for other systems, like the AN/MPN-1 radar.

Surviving artifacts

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