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Jurmo-class landing craft
Jurmo-luokan joukkojenkuljetusvene, 7.8.2007.JPG
Jurmo class landing craft at Mathildedal
Class overview
Name: Jurmo
Preceded by: Uisko class landing craft
Succeeded by: none
General characteristics
Type: landing craft, personnel
Displacement: 14 tons
Length: 14.2 m
Beam: 3.65 m
Draught: less than 1 m
Installed power: 2 x 331kW Caterpillar C7 diesel
Propulsion: 2 x Rolls-Royce Kamewa FF375 waterjet
Speed: 37 knots
30 knots (full load)
Range: 180 nm
Troops: 20
Crew: 2
Armament: 1× 12.7 mm NSV machine gun or
1× 40 mm grenade machine gun or
1× 120 mm NEMO mortar
Armour: Kevlar lining

The Jurmo class landing craft is a type of military transport in use by the Finnish Navy. The manufacturer Marine Alutech designates it as Watercat M12.


The Jurmo was the result of modernisation in the Finnish Navy in the late 90's. It was designed to replace the existing Uisko class landing craft. Its main purpose is landing and transportation operations for the Finnish Coastal Jaegers in all weather conditions. It has good maneuverability and can come to a full stop in only one ship length from top speed. Low draft makes it suitable for amphibious assault even in shallow waters.

The Jurmo can transport 3 tons of cargo or 22 men.

The Jurmo is currently being evaluated by the German and Greek navies, and a number of the slightly larger and more powerful M14 version will also be delivered to the Royal Malaysian Police.[1]


Finnish Navy: U601-U638
Royal Malaysian Police: 10 vessels of the Watercat M14 version.[2]

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