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Jovan Kantul
Fresco by Georgije Mitrofanović (1619–20)
Fresco depicting Jovan Kantul
Born Jovan Kantul
Balkans, Ottoman Empire
Died 1614
Nationality Rum Millet (Ottoman)
Occupation Spiritual leader of the Serbian Orthodox Church
Title Patriarch of the Serbs
Predecessor Filip
Successor Pajsije Janjevac
Religion Eastern Orthodox Christian

Jovan Kantul (Serbian Cyrillic language: Јован Кантул , fl. 1592 – d. 1614), sometimes numbered Jovan II was the Patriarch of Peć, the spiritual leader of the Serbian Orthodox Church, from 1592 until his death in 1614. He planned a major revolt in the Ottoman Balkans, with Grdan, the vojvoda of Nikšić, asking the pope for aid (see Serb Uprising of 1596–97).


Orthodox Church titles
Preceded by
Patriarch of the Serbs
Succeeded by
Pajsije Janjevac

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