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Josip Filipović
Josef von Philippovich
Josip Filipović
Born April 28th or 30th, 1818 or 1819
Died August 6, 1889(1889-08-06)
Place of birth Gospić, Croatian Military Frontier, Austrian Empire (today's Croatia)
Place of death Prague, Austria-Hungary
(today's Czech Republic)
Allegiance  Austrian Empire
Rank Feldzeugmeister
Battles/wars Battle of Solferino
Austro-Prussian War

Josip Filipović (Josef Mukařovský, 1878)

Josip Filipović, Freiherr (Baron) von Philippsberg, also Josef von Philippovich or Joseph Philippovich (April 28 or 30th, 1818 - August 6, 1889) was a Croatian high-ranking general (Feldzeugmeister) in the Austrian army.[1]

Life and career

Filipović was born in Gospić (then Austrian Empire, now Croatia). He joined the Austrian Army in 1836 and became Major in 1848. He fought under Josip Jelačić in Hungary, helping to quell the 1848 Revolutions.

He became Colonel and commander of the 5th border regiment in 1857, and scored victories at the Battle of Solferino in 1859 and in the Austro-Prussian War in 1866. At one point Filipović was commander of a Viennese division and for a short time was promoted from general to colonel general.

In 1859 he became Major General and fought with the 6th corps in Italy, for which he was rewarded with the hereditary title of Freiherr. From 1865 to 1869 Filipović was governor of Dalmatia. He fought in the 1866 Bohemia campaign with the 2nd corps.

Philippovich von Philippsberg moved further up through the ranks, stationed in Vienna, Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Brno, where he was made Feldzeugmeister in January 1874. In June 1874, he became the commander of the army in Bohemia, a position he would hold until his death.[1]

In July 1878 he commanded the troops invading Bosnia and Herzegovina. After three months of battle his troops captured Sarajevo on August 19, which then became the capital.[1][2] The occupation of Herzegovina was assigned to his subordinate Feldmarschalleutnant Stjepan Jovanović.[1] He returned to Vienna in 1880 and to Prague in 1882.

Philippovich von Philippsberg died in Prague (at the time Austrohungarian Empire, now Czech Republic).[1]


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New title Governor of Bosnia and Herzegovina
July 13, 1878 - November 18, 1878
Succeeded by
Wilhelm Nikolaus
Preceded by
Lazar Mamula
Governor of Dalmatia
Succeeded by
Johann Wagner

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