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Joshua Hailey was an American privateer during the War of 1812.


Hailey was placed in command of the privateer True Blood Yankee in early 1813. The privateer, built in France by Rhode Island men, sailed from Brest, France, 1 March 1813 to prey on commerce in the Irish Sea. On one occasion Captain Hailey seized an island near the British mainland and held it for 6 days while making repairs. In a 37-day cruise he took 270 prisoners and captured valuable cargoes. Sailing from France on his second cruise, Captain Hailey made a rapid circuit of Ireland and Scotland, landing several times and holding small coastal towns for ransom. During one night he burned seven vessels in an Irish port. In May he ran into Dublin Harbor to sink a schooner that had eluded him on the previous day. Captain Hailey sailed again 21 September for his third cruise, setting his course for the English Channel. He captured and manned so many prizes that when she was finally captured the True Blood Yankee had only 32 men left of her original crew of 200. During her three cruises the ship had captured six ships and 21 smaller vessels.


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