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Joseph J. Minnick
Member of the Maryland House of Delegates from District 6

In office
January 11, 1995 – January 14, 2015
Constituency District 6, Baltimore County
Member of the Maryland House of Delegates

In office
Personal details
Born (1933-03-16)March 16, 1933
Dundalk, Maryland
Died October 12, 2015(2015-10-12) (aged 82)
Timonium, Maryland
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Barbara Minnick
Occupation Restaurant Owner

Joseph J. "Sonny" Minnick (March 16, 1933 – October 12, 2015) was an American politician from Maryland and a member of the Democratic Party.


Minnick was born in Dundalk, Maryland on March 16, 1933. He served in the United States Navy during the Korean War. Upon arriving home, he joined his brother Dan Minnick Jr. to take over the management of Minnick's Hollywood Inn, a family business founded by his grandfather in the early 1920s, now known as Minnick's Restaurant and Catering Business, Inc. Minnick's bar was raided on June 29, 2011 which seized five video devices believed to be involved in illegal gambling [1]. Minnick was not charged.

Minnick was active with both the Restaurant Association and with veteran's groups. Minnick was a strong supporter of small businesses in the State of Maryland. He died on October 12, 2015 from a blood disease.[1]

In the Legislature

He served five terms in the Maryland House of Delegates, representing Maryland's District 6 in Baltimore County. Minnick was a member of the Economic Matters Committee. During long debates on the House floor, the Speaker will often recognize Delegate Minnick who moves the previous question, allowing the Speaker to terminate lengthy debates.

Legislative notes

  • voted against the Clean Indoor Air Act of 2007 (HB359)[2]
  • voted against in-state tuition for illegal immigrants in 2007 -Higher Education -Tuition Charges -Maryland High School Students, 2007 (HB6)[3]
  • voted for income tax reduction in 1998 (SB750)[4]
  • voted for the Maryland Gang Prosecution Act of 2007 (HB713), subjecting gang members to up to 20 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $100,000 [5]
  • voted for Jessica’s Law (HB 930), eliminating parole for the most violent child sexual predators and creating a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in state prison, 2007 [6]
  • voted for Public Safety – Statewide DNA Database System – Crimes of Violence and Burglary – Post conviction (HB 370), helping to give police officers and prosecutors greater resources to solve crimes and eliminating a backlog of 24,000 unanalyzed DNA samples, leading to 192 arrests, 2008 [7]
  • voted for Vehicle Laws – Repeated Drunk and Drugged Driving Offenses – Suspension of License (HB 293), strengthening Maryland’s drunk driving laws by imposing a mandatory one year license suspension for a person convicted of drunk driving more than once in five years, 2009 [8]
  • voted for HB 102, creating the House Emergency Medical Services System Workgroup, leading to Maryland’s budgeting of $52 million to fund three new Medevac helicopters to replace the State’s aging fleet, 2009 [9]
  • voted against Civil Marriage Protection Act (HB438) - civil marriage rights for same-sex couples, 2012 [10]

For the past four years, Delegate Minnick has annually voted to support classroom teachers, public schools, police and hospitals in Baltimore County. Since 2002, funding to schools across the State has increased 82%, resulting in Maryland being ranked top in the nation for K-12 education.

Election results

  • 2002 Race for Maryland House of Delegates – District 6[2]
Voters to choose three:
Name Votes Percent Outcome
John S. Arnick Dem. 17,541   20.87%    Won
Joseph J. Minnick, Dem. 17,530   20.85%    Won
Michael H. Weir, Jr., Dem. 17,958   21.36%    Won
Jane Brooks, Rep. 12,517   14.89%    Lost
Bruce Laing, Rep. 9,448   11.24%    Lost
Paul Michael Blitz, Rep. 8,969   10.67%    Lost
Other Write-Ins 106   0.13%    Lost
  • 1998 Race for Maryland House of Delegates – District 7[3]
Voters to choose three:
Name Votes Percent Outcome
Jacob J. Mohorovic Jr., Dem. 16,338   23%    Won
Joseph J. Minnick, Dem. 15,095   21%    Won
John S. Arnick, Dem. 14,385   20%    Won
Jane Brooks, Rep. 9,792   14%    Lost
Russell Mirabile, Rep. 8,947   13%    Lost
Gary Adams, Rep. 6,178   9%    Lost
  • 1994 Race for Maryland House of Delegates – District 7[4]
Voters to choose three:
Name Votes Percent Outcome
Jacob J. Mohorovic Jr., Dem. 16,059   25%    Won
Joseph J. Minnick, Dem. 15,880   25%    Won
John S. Arnick, Dem. 14,469   23%    Won
Jacqueline W. Madison, Rep. 9,149   14%    Lost
Robert J. Parsons, Rep. 7,628   12%    Lost


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