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Jonathan White (born c. 1957 in Panama City, Florida) is a US military leader and oceanography specialist.

Education and naval career

White received a Bachelor of Science degree in Oceanographic Technology from Florida Institute of Technology in 1981. After graduation he worked as an oceanographer. In 1983 he was commissioned in the US Navy as a surface warfare officer. He received a Master of Arts degree from the US Naval Postgraduate School in 1983.

During his Navy career White served as Destroyer Group commander, then as superintendent of the US Naval Observatory. He was a commander in the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command. In 2012 he was elevated to Rear Admiral rank, and was designated as the Oceanographer and Navigator of the US Navy, and Director of the Navy Task Force assigned to address climate change.[1]

Due to global warming, the Arctic ice is melting and dispersing faster than previously anticipated. In response, the US Navy is examining an increased presence in polar areas. In 2012, Rear Admiral White was designated to direct this research. His group are considering increased satellite coverage in high-latitude areas, modifying existing ship designs to safely operate in polar conditions, and budgetary projections to cover such operations.


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