John Prideaux (British Army officer)

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John Prideaux (1718–1759) was a brigadier-general in the British Army.

He was born 1718 in Devon, England the second son of Sir John Prideaux, 6th Baronet, of Netherton Hall, near Honiton (see Prideaux Baronets). On July 17, 1739 he was appointed ensign of the 3rd Foot-Guards; he was adjutant of his battalion at the Battle of Dettingen (July 27, 1743) and become lieutenant colonel of his regiment on February 24, 1748.

Seven Years War

On October 20, 1758 he was appointed colonel of the 55th Regiment of Foot. During the French and Indian War he was given command of the British force at the Battle of Fort Niagara. On July 19, 1759 he was killed by being struck in the head with a shell fragment.


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