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Joachim Fajcsák (March 16, 1898-May 28, 1964) was a Hungarian (Austro-Hungarian) nobleman and soldier, who fought in the World War I.[1]


He enlisted in 1915 for the military training of the 10th Infantry Regiment of Miskolc.  After a brief training, he fought glorious battles on the Russian front in World War I. He also took part in the battles around Verecke and Uzsok during his military career. Recovering from a serious illness in 1916, he also fought on the Russian battlefield and in the battles along Strypa. On the Romanian battlefield, he took part in the battles of the Uz Valley, Gyimesi and Ojtozi straits. From 1918 he fought on the Italian front. He took part in the fighting on the plateau of the Village and in the famous battle of Asiago, in which he was seriously wounded. He was awarded the Crowned Iron Cross of Merit, founded by Emperor Franz Joseph I, with the highest war honors of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the Silver and Bronze Knights Medal and the Charles Cross.

He was the famous Hungarian autistic savant artist Henriett Seth F.(born Henrietta Fajcsák) 's relative (great-grandfather).


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