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Coordinates: 21°2′36″N 105°51′32″E / 21.04333°N 105.85889°E / 21.04333; 105.85889

Jui Bridge in new location

Jiu Bridge (Romanian language: Podul Jiului ) is a historic truss bridge across the Jiu River. It consisted of five arches mounted on pillars and connected two parts of the city of Târgu Jiu, Romania, where the streets Unirii and Calea Severinului meet.

At the end of the 20th century, three of the initial five arches have been moved one kilometer north from their original location, to form a shorter bridge that connects Târgu Jiu Central park with an artificial island on the river.


Battle of Jiu Bridge
Part of Romanian Campaign (World War I)
Date27 October 1916
LocationTârgu Jiu, Gorj County, Romania
Result Romanian victory, German attack repulsed
 Romania  German Empire
Commanders and leaders
Romania Nicolae Petala German Empire Erich von Falkenhayn
40 soldiers
50 policemen
5-6 scouts
Hundreds of armed civilians
2 Alpenkorps companies
4 machine guns
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown, 18 captured

The bridge was built in 1896 by the company Daydé & Pillé of Paris (now part of Eiffel Constructions métalliques).

During World War I, on October 14/27, 1916, heavy fighting took place for the control of the bridge between the German Alpen Korps of general Falkenhayn and Romanian military forces assisted by local population.[1]

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