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Jinan Military Region (highlighted)
Simplified Chinese 济南军区
Traditional Chinese 濟南軍區
Jinan Military Region
Active 1955(?)-present
Country China
Fan Changlong

The Jinan Military Region is one of seven military districts located in the east of the People's Republic of China, covering the Shandong and Henan Provinces, which also form military districts. It appears that Yang Dezhi was one of the first commander of the Jinan MR, from 1958. It is considered a strategic reserve. It includes some of the area previously within the Wuhan Military Region, disbanded in 1985-88.

There are three Group Armies within the Region, the 20th Group Army at Kaifeng, the 26th Group Army at Weifang, and the 54th in Xinxiang. It previously included the now disbanded 67th Group Army.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies attributes the formation with 190,000 personnel, including two armoured divisions, one mechanised infantry division, three motorised infantry divisions, one artillery division, one armoured brigade, one mechanised infantry brigade, four motorised infantry brigades, two artillery brigades, three anti-aircraft brigades, and an anti-tank regiment.[1]

However the People's Liberation Army Ground Force are still reorganising their formations, and numbers of divisions and brigades should be considered indicative.

Known formations include the 127th Mechanised Infantry Division within 54th Group Army, at Luoyang, a ready reaction unit, and the 11th Armoured Brigade with 20th Group Army at Xuchang.

Current Officers[2]

  • Fan Changlong (Commander), since September 2004 (CCa member)
Feng Zhaoju (Deputy Commander) since January 2009
He Weirong (Deputy Commander) since March 2006
Li Lianghui (Deputy Commander) since April 2001
Liu Zhongxing (Deputy Commander) since August 2003
Yang Zhiqi (Deputy Commander) since April 2004
Zhang Hetian (Deputy Commander) since August 2006
Zhang Zhannian (Deputy Commander) since October 2004
Zhong Shengqin (Deputy Commander) since February 2002
Zhao Zongqi (Chief-of-Staff) Since January 2008
  • Liu Dongdong (Political Officer), since November 2002 (CC member)
Chen Zhangyuan (Deputy Political Commissar ) since June 2005
Du Hengyan (Deputy Political Commissar ) since January 2008
Yin Fengqi (Deputy Political Commissar ) since February 2001
Zhao Taizhong (Deputy Political Commissar ) since July 2002
Wang Jian (Political Department Director) Since January 2006

Sources and External Links

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