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Jim Sévellec[1][2](21 January 1897 – 21 May 1971), born Eugène Sévellec, was a French painter.


Eugène Sévellec was born at Camaret-sur-Mer. He grew up in an artistic colony around Symbolist poet Saint-Pol-Roux and drew the life of the port whilst very young. Under the influence of the Saint-Pol-Roux, he left for Paris to train under painter Louis-Marie Désiré-Lucas. [3] From 1916 he was mobilised in the infantry and served among others as an interpreter for American and Scottish troops. From 1928 he collaborated with the Henriot factory, a faïencerie de Quimper. [4]

In 1936 he was made peintre de la Marine. [5]

He also created dioramas of Brest, France for the Musée de la Tour Tanguy. [6]

He died at Brest, France.


  • Brest: Son histoire et son rôle dans la vie de la Basse-Bretagne, Jim and Joël Sévellec, Brest, 1955


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