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Jihad of Construction on a 200 rial banknote of 1982.

Jihad of Construction or Construction Jihad (Persian: جهاد سازندگیJahād-e Sāzandegī), or simply Jihad (جهاد Jahād) was one of Organizations of the Iranian Revolution. The organization began as a movement of volunteers to help with the 1979 harvest, but soon took on a broader, more official role in the countryside. It was involved with road building, piped water, electrification, clinics, schools, and irrigation canals.[1] It also provides "extension services, seeds, loans," etc. to small farmers.[2]

Jihad of Construction
جهاد سازندگی Jahād-e Sāzandegī
Disbanded 2001
Country Iran Islamic Republic of Iran
Type Combat engineering
Nickname(s) "Trench-less trench-makers"
Engagements Iran-Iraq war
Morteza Aviny (head of Jihad TV Unit)[3]

During the Iran-Iraq war, the organization held a combat engineering responsibility. They were active in various operation of the war,[4] most notably in Operation Fath ol-Mobin,[5] Operation Beit-ol-Moqaddas,[6] Operation Kheibar, and Operation Dawn 8.

Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini has called them the "trench-less trench-makers" (سنگرسازان بی سنگر sangar-sāzān-e bi-sangar).[7]

A member of the Jihad is called Jahādgar (جهادگر). The title for the commanders is Sardār-e Jahādgar (سردار جهادگر).

In 2001 it was merged with the Agriculture Ministry to form the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad.[8]

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