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Jesper Crusebjörn

Jesper Ingevald Crusebjörn (24 July 1843, in Grödinge, Stockholm County, Sweden – 24 June 1904, in Umeå, Sweden) was a Swedish politician and officer of the Swedish Army, eventually attaining the rank of lieutenant-general.

He was the son of Frans Crusebjörn and Lovisa Fougt. He became an officer in the Swedish Army in 1863 and was attached to the general staff and teacher at the Swedish National War College from 1872 to 1882. By 1883 he had been promoted to major and in 1888 he was promoted to lieutenant-colonel and took charge of Jämtlands fältjägarkår. He was promoted again three years later to colonel. At the same time he became county governor of Västerbotten County. Making major-general by 1899, he was also appointed Minister for War, a position he held from 1899 to 1903, during which he enforced the construction of Boden Fortress and was promoted to lieutenant-general (1901). He was also a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences.

Private life[]

He married Augusta Bahrman in 1873.


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