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Jerzy Ignacy Lubomirski
Personal details
Born (1687-03-15)March 15, 1687
Died July 19, 1753(1753-07-19)
Spouse(s) Magda Magdalena Bielińska
Joanna von Stein

Prince Jerzy Ignacy Lubomirski (1687–1753) was a Polish nobleman (szlachcic). Knight of the Order of the White Eagle, awarded on August 3, 1727.

Lubomirski was owner of Rzeszów, Rozwadów and Żelechów estates. He was Field Writer of the Crown from 1726 until 1732, General of the Crown Army, General of Saxon Army, and Colonel of Horse Guards (Gwardia konna) in 1744. Since 1746 Grand Chorąży of the Crown.

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