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Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery
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Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery
Year established 1826
Location Saint Louis County, Missouri
Country United States
Coordinates 38°29′57″N 90°17′17″W / 38.499146°N 90.288177°W / 38.499146; -90.288177
Type United States National Cemetery
Size 331 acres (134 ha)
Number of graves 158,000+

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery is an American military cemetery located in St. Louis County, Missouri, just on the banks of the Mississippi River. The cemetery was established after the American Civil War in an attempt to put together a formal network of military cemeteries. It started as the Jefferson Barracks Military Post Cemetery in 1826 and became a United States National Cemetery in 1866.

The first known burial was Elizabeth Ann Lash, the infant child of an officer stationed at Jefferson Barracks.

The cemetery is currently administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs on the former site of Jefferson Barracks. The cemetery currently covers 331 acres (1.3 km2) and the number of interments as of 2005 is approximately 158,762. The cemetery is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Notable interments

As well, there are three veterans of the American Revolution buried in the Old Post Section:

Remains of 5 crewman from B36 Bomber 075 lost on the coast of British Columbia Canada while conducting a training mission on February 13, 1950

Panoramic view showing row upon row of simple white stone headstones converging in the distance.


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