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Jean Baudoin (1662–1698) was born in Nantes, France, educated by the Sulpicians in Paris in 1682 and was ordained a priest in 1685. He was a missionary in France for several years before venturing to New France in 1687. He was pastor of Beaubassin[1] by 1689, and possibly spent some time in Quebec.

Jean Baudoin spent the majoity of his time in the New World in Acadia where there were clashes with Governor Joseph Robineau de Villebon. These clashes caused his recall to France.

During King William's War, Baudoin returned to Acadia with Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville, who was to carry out an expedition against the English in the Siege of Pemaquid and the Avalon Peninsula Campaign. Abbé Baudoin acted both as chaplain and as an expert on the area. Some historians have referred to the New England/ Acadia/ Newfoundland theatre of the war as Father Baudoin's War.

He died at Beaubassin, Acadia.


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