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Jean-Baptiste Girard
Jean-Baptiste Girard
Born 21 February 1775 (1775-02-21)
Died 27 June 1815 (1815-06-28) (aged 40)
Place of birth Aups, France
Place of death Ligny, Belgium
Allegiance France First French Republic, First French Empire
Service/branch Infantry
Years of service 1794–1815
Rank général de division

Jean-Baptiste Girard (born on February 21, 1775 at Aups, in Var - died on June 27, 1815 in Paris), was a French soldier, général and baron d'Empire, who fought in the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars.


Girard entered the French revolutionary army during the Spring of 1794. He saw active service with the Army of Italy and by 1797 he had been promoted to captain. At Marengo in 1800 Girard commanded a brigade. In 1806 after Jena he was promoted to general de brigade. In 1809 Girard was promoted to general de division. Girard saw service in the Peninsular War, during which he commanded French forces at Arroyo dos Molinos. Girard was wounded at the Beresina and at Lützen.

During the Hundred Days, Girard rallied to Napoleon I and was given command of the 7th Infantry Division. He was mortally wounded in the battle of Ligny, where he bore the brunt of the fighting. Girard was created Duke of Ligny by Napoleon I on 21 June 1815 (one of the Emperor's last official acts) in recognition of his services at Ligny. However, the letters patent were not delivered, and thus the title was not recognized by the Second Bourbon Restoration.

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