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Japanese warship Asahi Maru
Asahi Maru
Career (Japan)
Name: Asahi Maru
Laid down: 1854
Completed: 1856
General characteristics
Tonnage: 750 long tons (760 t)
Length: 42.3 m (138 ft 9 in)
Beam: 9.1 m (29 ft 10 in)
Draught: 7.2 m (23 ft 7 in)
Sail plan: Full-rigged ship

Asahi Maru (旭日丸?) was one of the first Western-style sail warships of Japan following the period of seclusion. She was ordered by the Tokugawa bakufu to the fief of Mito, her construction started in 1854, and she was completed in 1856.

She was 42.3 metres (139 ft) in length, her beam was 9.1 metres (30 ft), draught 7.2 metres (24 ft). She weighed 750 tons.

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