Japanese seaplane tender Kimikawa Maru

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Japanese seaplane tender Kimikawa Maru
Kamikawa Maru
Kimikawa Maru
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Name: Kimikawa Maru
General characteristics
Displacement: 9687 tons standard
Length: 146.1 meters
Beam: 18.97 meters
Speed: 17 knots
Armament: 2(2xI) 14cm/50cal main guns, 2 x 13mm AA
Aircraft carried: 8 seaplanes

Kimikawa Maru was a seaplane tender of the Imperial Japanese Navy. The ship was built by the Kawasaki Dockyard Co. at Kobe as a cargo ship for a civilian ship company. In July 1941 the ship was taken over by the IJN and converted into an auxiliary seaplane tender. She was able to operate 6 Aichi E13A "Jake" floatplanes. On 23 October 1944 she was sunk by USS Sawfish at 18°58′S 118°40′E / 18.967°S 118.667°E / -18.967; 118.667.

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