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Japanese invasion of Vigan
Part of Philippines Campaign (1941–42), Pacific War
Date10 December 1941
LocationVigan, Philippines
Result Japanese victory
 Empire of Japan

United States

  •  Commonwealth of the Philippines

The Japanese began their invasion of the Philippines on 8 December 1941, starting with Batan Island. After claiming the small island, they used its airstrip as a small airbase, to help launch attacks on other islands of the Philippines.

The invasion

Vigan was invaded on 10 December 1941, at the same time as Aparri and Camiguin Island. There was a small attack by the US Air Force against the Japanese carriers and transports, damaging the transports Oigawa Maru and Takao Maru, which were beached to prevent sinking. The minesweeper W-10 was also sunk. There were also injuries aboard other ships. Bad weather hampered the landings and only a portion of the crew was able to land on the island.[1]


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