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Jan Pieter van Suchtelen, Count of Liikkala.

Jan Pieter van Suchtelen, Count of Liikkala, Pyotr Kornilovich Suhtelen (2 August 1751, Grave–6 January 1836, Stockholm),[1][2] was born in the Netherlands, and was a general in the Russian army during the Russo-Swedish War (1808–1809).[3] In 1812 Suchtelen was the plenipotentiary for Russian Emperor Alexander I in Orebro where he negotiated and signed the Treaty of Orebro which brought to an end the Anglo–Russian War (1807–1812). In that treaty his titles included "general of engineers, quarter-master general, [and] member of the council of state".[4]

Created count, enrolled to the nobility of Finland where his main estate was located. (source: Osmo Durchman (1934), Varför blev Johan Peter van Suchtelen finsk friherre och greve? Genos 5, 1934)

Charlotte Disbrowe visited Sweden in 1834, where her father, (Sir Edward Cromwell Disbrowe, a senior a diplomat with the British Foreign Office) was stationed. She met Suchtelen and mentioned in her biography that:[5]

Amongst the visitors I had forgotten to name General Suchtelen, the Russian Minister, who had been in Sweden from time immemorial, and was supposed to have come out of the ark. He was made very much of at that Court, indeed was allowed privileges not granted to other diplomatists, and my father had some difficulty in consequence of obtaining the proper position due to him as the accredited Minister of the Court of St. James. General Suchtelen had two brothers attached to his Legation as secretaries, of the name of Bodisko. They were known as Beau Disko and Laid Disko, for obvious reasons.


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